about us

about us

Your knowledgeable PR & Comms expert is us

Based in Athens Greece, MSCOMM is a fast-paced, full service agency, that
provides strategic driven solutions, sophisticated execution of targeted
communication measures and long-term impact.

Since our founding, in 2004, we develop work that creates value and changes
conversations. We push ourselves and our clients to discover compelling ways to
communicate, to stay ahead of the curve in competitive landscapes and
continuously set clear and measurable objectives rooted in purpose.

Our clients include national and multinational companies, as well as public
institutions, trade associations and NGOs. We also provide the EU angle, through
our long-standing collaboration with key European Institutions (indicatively: EP,
EC, EIB), as well as the pulse of current affairs through our collaboration with
international organizations (indicatively: United Nations, USAID).

organization established with the vision to create an extrovert ecosystem that
fosters innovative entrepreneurship on a global scale. IDGC delivers this through
initiatives that empower mission driven innovators to create scalable companies
& bring them in partnership with investors, industry leaders & key stakeholders
creating an impactful ecosystem. Since 2012 IDGC have achieved organic growth
to over 64 countries across 5 continents.

We are ___

Goals oriented. System thinkers. Strategically driven. Creatively instigated. Perpetually curious.

Lead with purpose. Do. Have impact.